Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

The Membership Includes

The one stop shop for everything you need to feel and move better

  • 4-8 Mobility videos per week

  • Movement Challenge Each Month

  • Bonus Content On Various Topics

  • Access to Facebook Community for LIFE!!!

  • Prehab Strength: 4 days of workout programming to help you look and feel better

Pricing options

Pay a lower monthly payment or save 30% by purchasing the entire year up front!!!


  • What Equipment Will I Need?

    The most common equipment that you will need are tennis balls, yoga blocks, a PVC pipe, and resistance bands. These are not required, but are very beneficial.

  • How Long Are The Videos?

    Videos will range from 15-35 min, but the average time frame is 20 min. If you have more or less time, you can always add or shorten the videos as needed.

  • How Do I Join The Facebook Page?

    Once you have access to the course you will have to go through a few lessons of mandatory information. In this section there will be a link to join the group. Once joined, it will ask for the email that you used to start the membership. Once you have access to the community, you will have it for a lifetime.

  • Who Will Benefit From This Membership?

    This membership will benefit anyone and everyone. The mobility section can be adjusted for anyone and will help you decrease pain, improve mobility, optimize joint function, and help you move better. The strength section provides structured workouts 4 days/week to help you increase strength and look AWESOME!!!

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